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Sunday, June 26, 2011


In last couple of years, we have seen, through extensive media coverage, ladies are being inducted in Airforce. I
hav some of my colleagues in PAF, and they told me that initial batch of 4 ladies, ( whom got the celebrity coverage, here and there), all hav quit fighter flyingand relegated to Cessna/propeller aircraft. I need confirmation on that. Later on, ladies are, i think, still inducted in PAF, yet they are for liaison and VIP aircraft and will not fly fighters.

The point is debateable, either to induct women in front line flying duties, or they are suited for ground brances

female pilots of pakistan air force indicates that equal oppurtunities are available for men and women.women can also fly jets as men pilots islam dives equal oppurtunitie for both men and women.

female pilots of pakistan air force also indicate that pakistani women are courageous,brave and powerful enough to fly the jets as the western wome pilots do.

pakistan female pilots will defend thier country when time comes.