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Friday, June 15, 2012

jf -17 thunder vs lca tejas|comparison

there is no comparison between pakistan air force jf-17 thunder and indian air force lca tejas.there are some evidence and facts which clearly indicates and proves that lca tejas are failed air craft as provided by let us look at the following proves.

program duration:

  • jf-17 thunder started in 1995 
  • lca tejas started in 1983.27 years too long duration in aviation history for a fighter jet
unit cost per jet:

  • jf-17 thunder cost around 15-20 million us dollars per jet
  • lca tejas cost around 25-30 million us dollars which is equal to mig 21 unit cost.
engine comparion:

  • jf-17 thunder jet engine has been tested,verified.
  • lca tejas need new engine called "keveri engine" which are to be fitted in lca tejas
g-forece comparison:

  • jf-17 can bear 8.5g 
  • lca tejas engine are not fitted .therefore it hard to tell that how much it can bear.

1 comment:

  1. you fool . you just take a plane from china and paint it in pakistani colour and call it your plane ? same thing with tanks. you took chineese type 90 tanks and painted it al-khalid and started saying that its developed by you. does doing paint jobs called development in ur pakistan ?
    now comming to jf 17. the whole world does electronic system and fighter flight control system programming in a language called ADA. from migs to even f22 raptor the same ADA programming is done. but your chineese toy jf 17 programming is done in c++ . you know , c++ is the language taught in 8th standard in INdian schools. You pakis cant even develop a scooter on ur own so just painting chinese made to\ys in pakistani color doesnt mean development